Thursday, November 26, 2015



 Students Must Learn RESPECT!

As parents, we all want to think we do good jobs in raising our children. We hope the time we have dedicated to teaching and training will be sufficient to encourage our children to be good, upstanding citizens. As we attend events around town, grocery stores, church services, ball games, and various other places where families congregate, we usually catch ourselves comparing our children against others. Sometimes we recognize a child that is excelling in several different subjects or sports, and we may think that somehow we have failed, that we didn't put enough effort into raising our children, just because our child is not Valedictorian of the Senior Class or an All-American star football player.

 First we must realize that all children are unique. Some are inclined toward music and the arts, others to technology, and many are gifted athletes. One of your children may never bring a book home while another struggles over 3-4 hours of homework each evening. Some children are destined to college, followed by graduate studies, while others are ready to join the world of work when they leave high school. As parents, we must be very involved in helping our children lay the groundwork for a successful future, no matter what path they choose.

Children come from so many different backgrounds and experiences, that we sometimes find it difficult to accept all the differences we see around us. Sometimes we tend to think that children who are raised like we were are somehow better prepared for the future than students that are different than we are. Uniqueness is what make the USA such an exciting place to live! We can experience so many different cultures if we just allow ourselves to learn from those around us. As parents, we must train our children to also accept everyone. Showing RESPECT for themselves and others must be learned, not assumed. We, as parents, are instrumental in teaching RESPECT, not just assuming they will be respectful.









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